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Garrett Super Scanner V Metal Detector

by Rothco
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Detect with confidence with Garrett’s Super Scanner V Metal Detector, a security essential. 

  • Exhibits Ultimate Sensitivity, Detecting Medium Sized Pistol From 9" Distance; Large Knife From 6"; Razor Blades And Box Cutters From 3" Distance; Foil-Wrapped Drugs And Tiny Jewelry From 1”
  • Metal Detector Is Self-Calibrating, Its Digital Microprocessor Technology Eliminates The Need For Periodic Sensitivity Adjustments
  • Security Metal Detector Features A Rugged, High-Impact ABS Case With Reinforced Coil Compartment
  • Large 8" Scan Surface On The Garrett’s Super Scanner Allows For Quick, Thorough Scanning
  • No Tools Required To Change Standard 9V Battery (Included), Providing Up To 60 Hours Of Normal Operation
  • Garretts Metal Detector’s Sharp Audible Alarm And Bright Red LED Indicates The Detection Of Metal
  • Momentary Push Button On This Law Enforcement Metal Detector Helps Temporarily Eliminate Detection Of Nearby Ambient Metal Such As Rebar, Metal Walls
  • Features A Three-Color LED Indication: Green LED Indicates ON; Amber LED Indicates LOW BATTERY: Red LED Indicates ALARM
  • Operating Temperatures: -35° F (-37° C) To 158° F (70° C)